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40th Annual Rimrock Grand Prix

October 6, 2019



With the 2018 Rimrock Grand Prix in the books, we want to thank everyone for coming - it was really great to see you again this year. We look forward to the 40th running of the Rimrock next year.

The 2018 race results are posted below.


For the NMA Off-Road series race rules and a complete discussion of the race classes go to NMA Rules.


Display your correct class designating letter on all three motorcycle number plates.

Please read the Rimrock FAQ.

Important - Should any motorized user at any time take their vehicle in or through Tieton River or Indian Creek, they will be subject to a fine in the thousands of $$ and such activity will likely result in the loss of our event permit. As a community of motorized users, we must police our own!

Race Results:

2017 In the results where we say "disqualified" we really meant to say "DNF".
Open A
Vet A
Senior A
Open B
200 B
Vet B
Women Long
Super Senior A
Senior B
Super Senior B
Open C
Vet C
Senior C
200 C
Women Short
15 and Under



15 & Under


2013  2013 Race Results



2011 Rimrock Results
Note:The results has a "time" column. The time listed on the results is the time of day when our punch tag was keyed into the computer. Time of day documents your position in line at the end of the race. 

Long Course Race Results
Short Course Race Results
Kidz Race Results

 09 Long Course Race Results


09 Short Course Race Results

09 Kidz Race Results


08 Long Course Race Results  Note: Upon recount, Kenny Rasmusen in Open B, had 9 laps instead of the 8 laps shown.

08 Short Course Race Results  Note: Mike Kegley listed in Senior C class was actually registered in Senior B class.

08 Kidz Race Results


07 Rimrock Long Course Race Results

07 Rimrock Short Course Race Results

07 Rimrock Kidz Race Results

 The Rimrock Grand Prix 07 Story by Don Grazzini


 Here is the 2006 Rimrock race results:  Rimrock 2006